Why is this plan being developed now ahead of the proposed master plan for the whole park?

    This plan is being consulted on now as we want to allow ourselves time to make changes in the park to combat the effects of projected climate change. The outcome of this consultation process will be to have a response plan for our coastal areas which we can use to do work which will reduce the effect of climate change on the assets in the park. The effects of climate change on the park can include storm damage, more frequent flooding, drought and extreme winds.

    How does this plan fit with the management plan for the park; the Parks Network Plan?

    This plan will considered as part of the master planning process which is scheduled to commence early in 2020 and it be incorporated into the master plan.

    When will the new draft PNP be out and ready for public feedback?

    We need to fit the two month public consultation around Council elections, and there is a lot to address in the new plan. We hope to be able to consult early in the spring. Awaiting democratic service advice.

    How has feedback from the management plan (PNP) review preliminary consultation been considered?

    We have had initial conversations with the Paekakariki Community Board, Iwi, Hapu and internal Greater Wellington specialists to get to this final draft of the plan. The feedback has been mostly supportive of the changes in the plan. This next step of having community discussions will focus on proposals that are being suggested. 

    How is climate change currently affecting this part of the coast and what are the predictions for the future?

    Impact in this section of the park has been through storm surge events. Future predictions indicate more extreme rainfall events and an increase in frequency and intensity of storm events. The plan has been developed with these predictions in mind.

    What other actions are being considered to address coastal erosion?

    We are looking into realignment of tracks within other sections of the park and are carrying out restoration efforts in back dunes to improve vegetation cover.

    How have Iwi concerns and aspirations been incorporated into this plan

    We have and will continue to discuss the plan with Iwi. Discussions to date have been positive and they have aspirations to be active in the restoration efforts. Areas of significance to Iwi have been identified in the plan.

    What is GW doing to improve resilience in the park?

    All work undertaken across the parks network is designed to be as resilient as possible to the changes through use and the impacts of nature.

    When will coastal erosion in the rest of the northern end of the park be considered?

    The rest of the park is currently under consideration with planning and investigation works underway for realignment of the coastal track south of Raumati. This will be included into in the overall park master plan which we plan to get underway in 2020. The master plan will draw on all the valuable feedback provided to date including meetings and workshops. Facilities most under threat are currently in the Wellington Road entrance area, so we are tackling this area first.

    What is happening with the Paekakariki Surf Lifesaving (PSL) club rooms?

    PSL have been involved in the draft of this plan to identify a long term site. PSL are considering options for a location in the park off Wellington road