Why are there charges for resource management activities?

    People and/or organisations may want to undertake activities that affect our natural resources. We believe that the cost of undertaking such activities should not be carried by the regional ratepayer but by the person/organisation affecting the resources. 

    Why are changes proposed?

    The Charging Policy has not changed since 2015. Costs to provide services have changed since then, so we are keeping up with these changes. 

    What do state of the environment monitoring charges cover?

    These charges cover the costs of us undertaking groundwater monitoring, air quality monitoring, and monitoring of our rivers, streams, and coasts. 

    How will this affect my existing consent?

    As SoE monitoring changes have changed in different ways for different consent types, we are happy to provide an individualised estimate of what your resource consent charge is proposed to be from 1 July. Call us on 0800 496734 or e-mail a request to notifications@gw.govt.nz