What are the advantages of engaging online?

    Engaging online allows you to have your say in the Regional Council’s decision making process in your own time and comfort:

    • You don't have to attend community meetings at a set place and time, you can contribute at a time and place that suits you.
    • It is a quick, safe and convenient way to have your say on a range of issues and topics.
    • It is a great way to keep up to date and contribute your views on issues affecting your community.
    • You can see what other community members think about an issue or topic, respond with your own views and engage in a discussion.
    • It allows for a range of different people, with different views to discuss matters that impact on their community.

    How do I submit my feedback?

    Your feedback can be submitted via the online forums, quick polls and surveys relevant to each of the projects currently open for consultation. To participate simply register with us, and start sharing your ideas and comments. 

    What happens to my feedback / comments?

    All comments, ideas and suggestions are collated and used by the relevant project officer to inform the development of strategies, programs and activities, or to gain an insight into community views and opinions.

    Often, feedback provided online is used in conjunction with other face-to-face consultation activities such as workshops, meetings, open days or surveys.

    When each consultation closes, all contributions are compiled into a report, which will be presented to Council when considering the particular matter.

    All feedback provided during consultation will be considered, however this does not mean that every suggestion can be taken on board and adopted as proposed.

    Is it anonymous?

    Your privacy is totally protected because the 'Your Say Greater Wellington' is hosted and moderated by an external independent organisation, Bang the Table.

    No third parties have access to or will be provided with your details. For further information, refer to the Privacy Statement.

    We only have access to your details to inform you of up and coming consultations that you have selected as areas of interest.

    In the matter of posting on a discussion board only your username will be listed next to the comment. 

    What feedback tools do you have available on the site?

    There are a wide range of tools available on the site that has been designed to be hassle free and easy to use:

    • The Formal Submission form allows you to provide your feedback quick and easily, often used for consultations that have a legislative requirement.
    • The Feedback Forms and online Surveys help us to gather information, local knowledge, community views and opinions. It’s an easy way for you to contribute your ideas and thoughts.
    • Quick polls are exactly that; a quick snapshot in time to measure the 'community pulse' on a specific topic or project.
    • The Discussion Forum allows you to discuss and share your views with the community and regional council. They are great for open and honest discussion and debate.
    • The Q&A allows us to respond to any questions or comments raised by you either privately or publicly. This also allows us to track your issues throughout the consultation to keep an eye on your concerns. 
    • The Guest Book is a space where you can share your stories, ideas and express yourself without the fear of challenge. There are no facilities for replies, voting, agreeing or disagreeing on comments.

    What's the difference between a formal submission form & a survey?

    It is policy that a formal submission is required for some specific projects or decisions, or to fulfill a legislative requirement. These are usually for strategic decisions (e.g. Long Term Plan). A formal submission requires the contact name and address of respondents which becomes public information and is provided to the regional council for their consideration. 

    How is the site moderated?

    All moderation is carried out by Bang the Table and is independent of Greater Wellington Regional Council. The moderators do not edit or alter any comments and will only remove comments deemed to be significantly off topic, offensive or malicious, in which case they are removed from the site immediately.