Short List Option Evaluation findings released

by Charlotte,

This final stage of the PT Spine Study involved evaluation of three options: Bus Priority, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and Light Rail Transit (LRT). The evaluation included assessment of potential route alignments, cross sections, modelling the benefits, cost estimates, economic analysis, and social and environmental assessments.

In summary, the findings from the study are:


  • Bus Rapid Transit provides the highest benefits, followed by Light Rail Transit and Bus Priority.


  • The most expensive option is Light Rail Transit at an estimated total cost of $940 million (in 2012 dollars). This is significantly more than the next most expensive option (Bus Rapid Transit) which has an estimated cost of $207 million. The Bus Priority option is least expensive at an estimated cost of $59 million.


  • Bus Rapid Transit has the highest overall Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR), followed by Bus Priority then Light Rail Transit.


  • The Bus Priority and Bus Rapid Transit options can be developed incrementally. The optimal staging and timing for the Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit options, however, is in one stage and completion around 2021-22.


  • It is technically feasible to construct all of the options. For most of the route they can be accommodated within the existing road corridor. However, there are potentially significant impacts on property from Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail Transit options through Mt Victoria and along Ruahine Street and Wellington Road.


  • Aligning other policies (such as parking and land use policies) and transport projects would be necessary to realise the full benefits of any of the options. For example, managing any increases in the future availability of commuter parking appears to be key intervention to increase public transport patronage and mode share.
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Consultation has concluded

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