How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will help the Regional Transport Committee to finalise the order of priority given to large improvement projects in the programme. 

    What’s included in the Regional Land Transport Plan review?

    The two main parts of the Regional Land Transport Plan are reviewed:

    • the strategic long-term direction
    • the programme of activities.

    The focus of the review is on the programme of activities.

    We have completed the review of the strategic long-term framework. We concluded that there have been some changes since 2015, e.g. the consequences of the November 2016 earthquake and its impact on the transport system’s resilience, the region’s population increase and the increased awareness of climate change.

    These changes form part of the overall context for the Regional Land Transport Plan. However, we concluded that the current strategic long-term direction in the Plan remains relevant.

    What is the Regional Transport Committee?

    Members of the Regional Transport Committee are representatives of:

    • Greater Wellington Regional Council
    • the eight city and district councils in the Wellington region
    • the New Zealand Transport Agency.

    The Committee promotes an effective, efficient and safe land transport system within the Wellington region, linking it to other regions of New Zealand and other transport systems.

    Specific responsibilities include preparing the Regional Land Transport Plan and variations to the Plan, and carrying out consultation like this one.

    Find out more about the Regional Transport Committee

    There’s so much consultation happening. How does it all fit together and why can’t you just ask us once?

    A lot is happening with transport at the moment. Different legislative requirements and the timing of decision-making processes mean we can’t always ask you for feedback at one time.

    Some other important consultations that you may hear about are: 

    • Ngauranga to Airport (Let’s Get Wellington Moving). This is one of the activities in the draft programme. This joint initiative between Wellington City Council, Greater Wellington Regional Council and the NZ Transport Agency is collaborating with the people of Wellington to improve our transport system. See for details.
    • Long Term Plans. Councils use these to prioritise their work and make sure they can continue to improve their services for their region. Greater Wellington Regional Council will consult on its Long Term Plan from 19 March to 19 April this year. Join the conversation to help us ensure we have a region we can be proud of. Other councils will also consult on their Long Term Plans shortly. Keep an eye on your local council’s website if you are interested in this.

    There are also consultations on a project level, which are carried out by the relevant council or the NZ Transport Agency.

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