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by Charlotte,
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The station would need to move at least 250 metres and as much as 500 metres south of the current location. Moving the station would likely add 200 car parks, kiss and ride drop off spots, integrated bus and rail connections and better, safer access for cyclists and pedestrians. The added parking would help boost patronage numbers and fill some of the spare capacity currently available on the Melling line. RiverLink is exploring how to retain businesses currently near the station like coffee and childcare and attract more retail and residential development.

Shifting the station 250 metres south would avoid the intersection and ensure the station is not overshadowed by any future on and off ramps. People walking from Boulcott and the western hills would have a slightly longer journey but any intersection improvements would make it faster and easier to cross SH2. Overall, we expect the walk would take about the same amount of time as it does now.

If the station moved 500 metres south of the current station it would be just opposite the proposed pedestrian/cycle bridge into the city centre at Margaret Street. This location offers excellent access for people traveling to and from the city centre. The walk from the western hills would likely take a couple of minutes longer than it does now but it would be safer, faster and easier to cross SH2. Moving the station would make little difference for people who currently travel to the station by bus or car but the intersection
improvements would improve their journeys.

“A railway station near the pedestrian bridge would provide better access to the planned waterfront promenade, Queensgate, city centre bus stops, council offices, the Dowse Art Museum and High Street. We expect the promenade to offer restaurants, cafes and apartments for around 2,000 residents within a five to 10 minute walk of the new railway station and the city centre,” says Lower Hutt Mayor Ray Wallace.

Locating the station opposite the city centre would bring the Melling and Western Hutt railway stations closer together which could result in fewer people using the Western Hutt railway station and may impact train schedules.

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