What are your memories of streams and rivers?

3 months ago

The past unlocks great memories and some answers to how to help change the stories water will tell our future generations. Here are some prompts or just use your own.

What is your streams story? Past, present, future

What stories do you want your grandchildren to tell about water?

What do your children value about water? 

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  • Glenn C about 2 months ago
    My memory is simple and I'm sure shared by everyone. The Hutt River - I'm thinking Upper Hutt specifically as I spent a lot of years living near and crossing the river at Totara Park - used to have water in it. We never had to hear of algal blooms. For a long time now it's been barely more than a trickle and that simply can't be healthy on any level. I'm amazed and gutted any time I hear of yet more water being taken. It's so obviously unsustainable, doubly so as the weather gets crazier and we are likely to have extended spells of hotter drier weather.