What do you want the water in Whanganui-a-Tara to be like in the future?

3 months ago

‘Water’ includes streams, rivers, lakes, harbour and coast as well as ground water and aquifers

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  • Katharine about 1 month ago
    I want my children to be able to swim in rivers like I did as a child. I was shocked to find the main river I grew up swimming in, in Southland, is no longer swimmable. One generation that took. I want us to live up to our clean green reputation.
  • Glenn C about 2 months ago
    The various answers to this are obvious that it doesn't seem a useful question to ask. Obviously we want enough of it (which means restricting housing development), healthy water, swimmable, drinkable, healthy life of fish eels etc and riverside flora. Not just a stabilisation but a reversal back to the flow, usability, and health of many years ago. So it's really what do we NOT want to happen to risk that. Not long ago I think I read something about water proposed to be pulled from the aquifer under Petone. I think it was for a bottling thing, but really whether it's for a business or for residents it's not good enough. Aquifers work over many lifetimes even thousands of years. If we suck one even half dry it'll effectively never recover, as it won't be in the lifetime of anyone alive now. Same for rivers of course.