How can we attract people to spend more time in Whitireia Park?

almost 5 years ago
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We can't change the weather but there are lots of things that we can do to improve the experience visitors have in the Park.  Maybe there are park features and activities that you've seen elsewhere that you think would be good here or maybe when visiting you've made some observation about what needs improvement. Please share your thoughts by clicking on the conversation bubble or topic title.

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  • ashummel almost 5 years ago
    We need more facilities for families in the park. An open beach shelter with seating and BBQ facilities, open-air showers, sun shades etc. Why not building a little wharf and permanent swimming platform. There are not many places (wharves) in the Porirua area where you can take your kids for a bit fishing. Also, kids could use the wharf for jumping in the water (could help with the situation in Mana), launch their kayaks from platforms close to the water level etc. With enough funds there could be even a jumping tower attached to the end of the wharf. I know all this sounds a bit over the top, but in other countries they have these facilities and they are well liked by the community.
  • dt about 5 years ago
    Hi There I think there is room for camping and caravan for people that are fully self contained i dont use the park as much as i should but i love hearing the morepork at night and the beauty of the extra of the bird life is great
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    • ashummel almost 5 years ago
      Hello, sorry do not agree. We own a motorhome and are members of the NZMCA and we do appreciate sites for motorhomes. The problem , this would most likely attract peope in vans which are not self contained and would cause more problems and work for the council. Camp Elsdon is a great place for campers and quite affordable rates compared to Wellington.
  • Joolzy about 5 years ago
    The pathways DEFINITELY need some work and more planting
  • HMC over 5 years ago
    My main purpose in visiting Whitireia park is to rock climb. I find the gate closing time can be issue. In summer we sometimes go out after work, it can be quite a struggle to get out of the park before the gates close at 11pm. Would there be scope to leave them open longer in the summer?
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    • Linda about 5 years ago
      We enjoy the parks tracks for biking and walking. It is neat to see them being maintained more frequently and the increased planting is great. Years ago we used to be able to go up on top of some of the hills for picnics but the gorse has made that a bit would be good to have more tracks that wind up and around the hills with seats along the way to enjoy the views. It is neat to see lots more families using the park.
  • Jenny over 5 years ago
    I would feel safer if all dogs were kept on a lead. To often a dog comes bounding around a corner not on a leash. The owner always say it is ok because me dog is friendly. Not good enough.
  • Ellen over 5 years ago
    It would be great to see some more native plants growing here - then birds would be attracted and provide more to seeA pa harakeke would be cool too
  • Ellen over 5 years ago
    Some more resident friendly spots along the Titahi Bay housing side would be good - picnic tables, swings etc
  • Ellen over 5 years ago
    Link the park to a better walkway along the harbour all the way from Poirirua
  • Ellen over 5 years ago
    Some walking-only days would be great, with the roadway closed so that there is no need to watch out for vehicles all the time
  • Ellen over 5 years ago
    A better bus service to both sides of the park would be great then no need to bring cars and provide parking.
  • helenj over 5 years ago
    I'd love to see some seats and picnic tables on the walking tracks.
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    • Ellen over 5 years ago
      Great idea
  • John over 5 years ago
    Onepoto Rd from the car park to the park entrance is a safety issue. Narrow with no footpaths and a few inconsiderate motorists/motor cyclists. Families have to take up a lot of the roadway. Hoping for a 'shared road' sign from PCC soon but more could be done if PCC and GWRC work together. Locked park gate at entrance. 30 kph speed restriction. Also, with increased use, the car park may need markings and even expanding as this should be the furthest point for vehicles apart from boat shed access.
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    • Thomas W Devine over 5 years ago
      Yes, I'd like to see the entrance road made less daunting either by 2-laning or more passing bays.
  • Rothwell Street over 5 years ago
    The Golf Club is a place that all of our community can you, its safe, plenty of parking and they have friendly people around.I am a member their, and daily we have curious visitors coming up to look at the amazing views that this park has to offer. They also visit the area because we can boast that a US Golf Open Champion started his golfing career there. The park is amazing, and in summer time there are large numbers of people walking around not just on the course, but on the out skirt pathways, its just brilliant to see. There should be more activities planned on those walkways and they should be maintained on a regular basis.
  • winzurf over 5 years ago
    One persons bad weather is another persons great conditions. Onehunga Bay is a great spot for kitesurfing windsurfing with access to the wave sailing further out. Promoting the area more, perhaps with a suitably located web cam and a windmeter would enhance its use - windsports enthusiasts would come more frequently if they knew the conditions were worth travelling for. The overlooking bluffs are a great spectator/photography opportunity as well.
  • Phil over 5 years ago
    I visited Whitireia Park for the first time just last week and fully plan to visit again. Its a beautiful, seemingly forgotten spot. I did find the narrow, virtually one-way roading to be a bit frightening and did think at the time that if it was a busy day that the nature of the roadways could be problematic and lead to accidents.
  • HemiKingi over 5 years ago
    I would like to see a family friendly mountain bike park at Whitirea Park. The terrain is perfect for it, and would draw in a lot of users. I think it would complement the Rangituhi/Colonial Knob park Mana Cycling Group is building.A sustained revegetation programme would also be great. This would take many years, like the transformation of Mana Island has taken.Finally, perhaps Onehunga Bay could host a camping ground. It's one of the few coastal spots in Wellington relatively sheltered from both northerlies and southerlies.
  • ngm over 5 years ago
    A bit of planting of trees and shrubs might enhance it. I go there mainly for walks and mountain biking so more trails would be my main ask. A viewpoint at the top of the hill with an interpretation board would be nice too.