What do you expect to see in the Management Plan?

almost 5 years ago
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The current management plan was prepared in 1979.  It's time to update. 

Reserve Management plans prepared under the Reserves Act 1977 must state the values of the reserve and how the administering body (i.e. the Whitireia Park Board) will provide for the use, enjoyment, maintenance, protection and preservation of these values. A plan will also explain to what extent development and activities are permitted.

We are interested in your thoughts on what should be in this new management plan. 


Consultation has concluded

  • ngm over 5 years ago
    preserve and enhance access for moutain bikers and dog walkers while protecting wildlife and enhancing scenic values.
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    • Linda about 5 years ago
      Maintaining open access for all the different users of the park. Increasing the planting along the walkways and adding more pathways through the hills. Seats along the ways on the hills. Some of the walks we have done have seats sponsored by community businesses or people. They are usually where there is a great view to sit and enjoy. Maybe some of the local schools or colleges could help with planting and caring for the park and pathways or building seats and tables. Cars and motorbikes stay within confined areas. If motorbikes need off-road paths designate a special area for them separate from other users.
  • Rachel Broadbent about 5 years ago
    The up graded track is great. Development to the level of the cambourne walkway would be awesome as there are very few buggy-friendly, decent length walks in porirua. Also would love to see some information boards about the history, particularly with regard to Maori, of the park. Also information boards about the local flora and fauna. I can see this being useful in engaging and educating my children about the environment and its value.
  • Jenny over 5 years ago
    To not have any grazing animals with access to Onehunga Beach ( as was for so many years littered with cow pats) or access to the wlkways and the top of Mt. Whitieria.
  • KiwiHGflyer over 5 years ago
    Whitereia Park has been used by the Wellington Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club (WHGPC) since the early 1970's. The beach at Onehunga Bay and the small cliff behind the beach provide an excellent training site for gliding activities. It may seem surprising but there are very few suitable places in Wellington which offer suitable terrain for beginner and novice HG & PG pilots; this area is very important to the club. By enlarge flying activities can and have taken place in the park without interfering in the enjoyment of other visitors. I hope others see the spectacle of Hang Gliding and Paragliding as an acceptable activity in the park and visitors can enjoy watching club activities. I am keen to see consideration given to WHGPC to support flying activities when park plans for any development or planting of trees etc. particularly in Onehunga Bay.area.Grant FirthSec/Treasurer WHGPC