How did we get feedback on our discussion document?

over 2 years ago
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During June and July of 2017 we asked for feedback in regards to the development of our Regional Pest Management Strategy 2018 – 2038. This feedback will input into the development of the proposed Plan. There will be further opportunity for formal submission when the proposed plan is drafted.

During this engagement phase we ran a community group workshop, promoted our webpage to gather feedback and contacted and met with stakeholders. As part of the initial process, we also met with iwi of the region, local councils and DOC to discuss the Plan and pest management in the region.

Feedback from all interested parties will be taken into account in the development of the Plan. Check back to this webpage for updates, or sign up for project notifications when we are in the next stage of the project.

The Plan has now launched - thanks for your input

Longtime EHRP Park User over 1 year ago
Please do something about the deer destroying the most accessible parts of East Harbour Park, where the understory is damaged beyond recognition and numerous appeals to GWRC have failed to have any action taken, without explanation.The ecosystem should be protected for everyone's enjoyment but the current strategy is causing erosion, widespread damage to trees, roots and regenerating forest.For a long-time park user it is frustrating that this has not only been allowed to continue, but actively encouraged through what appears to be neglect. For a KNE it is becoming a laughable management of public assets. Even my kids now complain about the damage that is clear, obvious and widespread along all the Western flanks.But it's not funny, it's an appalling situation that has gone on for years and is getting worse every year.Thank you for considering those who do not use the park for hunting yet appreciate the precious native ecosystem and biodiversity and the value it holds for the wider community and our descendants.
Graeme Blanchard over 1 year ago
Recreational hunters welcome the opportunity to work with you rather despite your plans. Thank you.
MarfaCist about 2 years ago
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