Overall themes of what we heard from you

over 2 years ago
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We asked and you told us what you would like us to focus on in our Regional Pest Management Plan. Below are the overall themes that we heard.

1. There is a high demand for more engagement and consultation with community groups, and in general more engagement with the general public.

2. There were a number of people and groups looking for a more collaborative approach i.e. both working with community groups and also for GWRC to work closer with our Council partners to present a more united front.

3. GWRC should act as more of a facilitator rather than the practitioner, and assist in the coordination of community groups more. We should work with and support community groups.

4. We should consider stopping application of aerial 1080 aerially, and undertake more trapping in the region (as opposed to aerial application).

5. We need to balance the wants of recreational hunters with the undertaking of pest control, and utilise these groups more

What do you think? Anything else to add?

The Plan has now launched - thanks for your input

Ratepayer Trapper over 1 year ago
Deer are now rampant, but this "pest" plan isn't likely to be enacted until April 2019. Meanwhile the bush in much of the bush behind Eastbourne, Wainui, Stokes Valley and very likely much of the rest of the Hutt Valley already has no understory, little or no topsoil and a deepening problem with exposure to rainfall and erosion.Maintaining a managed herd has resulted in this - all the efforts of volunteers have been wasted because of the refusal to acknowledge and act on this issue.IF the forest understory regenerates will any fo the species be lost?At the moment in Eastbourne the bare patches are being rapidly overtaken by asparagus fern, that doesn't even seem to feature in this plan.
John McLachlan over 1 year ago
Towards the aim of a Pest Free 2050, much improvements in pest control has already been obtained within the area covered by the Kapiti Biodiversity ProgrammeProtection of those improvements needs to be attempted by intensification of boundary controlsThe area should desirably be extended by the utilization of contractors and community groups working under the control of a project manager.
EdmundSS over 1 year ago
Eradication, and the creation of pest-free areas (first Miramar/Kairangi peninsula; the entire Wellington peninsula; the Orongorongo/Rimutaka area & beyond) should be a medium-term aim.
EdmundSS over 1 year ago
Use 1080 where appropriate. Where it's practical and effective to trap densely, let's do it. Where it's not practical (e.g. Tararuas) use 1080 until something better comes along.
Sandy Werner over 1 year ago
Please we need better cat management to protect wildlife, including microchipping, registration, sterilization, curfews and/or containment. Encourage cat owners to keep pet cats indoors or in an outside catio.