What species did you mention to us?

over 2 years ago
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We asked you what species we should consider as part of our Regional Pest Management Plan. Here is what you told us:

Deer, pigs, goats, rats, mustelids, cats, hedgehogs, rabbits, possums, magpies, wasps, Eastern rosella, forest Ringlet butterfly, perch, Japanese honeysuckle, boneseed, cherry trees, blackberry and gorse, arum lily, tradescantia, pampas, banana passionfruit and phoenix palm.

What do you think? Any others to add?

The Plan has now launched - thanks for your input

Paul Martinson over 1 year ago
Cats are the third most significant causal factor of avian extinction in NZ, but still no law controlling them. Cats need to be micro-chipped and identifiable with an owner. Until that time there is no sure way of distinguishing feral, stray and owned animals from each other. Many 'owned cats are killed as a result. Cat control is essential. Please introduce it.
John Flux over 1 year ago
Cats should not be on the list until rats, mice, mustelids, and rabbits are removed.Until then they are helping to catch animals that are trap and poison-shy.
John Flux over 1 year ago
Forest Ringlet is an endangered NZ endemic.It should be removed from this list of pests.
Pando over 1 year ago
pine trees should be removed wherever possible and replaced with natives. Especially on Miramar Peninsular and town belt of Wadestown
Graeme Blanchard over 1 year ago
GRC used to make a point of eradicating Old Man's Beard. It is a really invasive and ugly pest I think this should be back on your list for eradication.
Jacqui Lane over 1 year ago
Convululus and morning glory. And get back onto old man's beard. There wasn't much around for ages, but it is starting to appear everywhere in the last 2 years, even at parliament.
miro over 1 year ago
ivy, eleagnus, asparagus vine, banana passionfruit vine all rampant in Mt Victoria greenbelt city side of Constable St
Kakas over 1 year ago
Privet should be added to pest list. It causes bad asthma and illness and is a noxious weed in a number of regions. Why are hedgehogs listed as pests? This doesnt seem justified.
saisr over 1 year ago
Agapanthus should be added to the pest plant list and eradicated. It is now appearing on the waters edge of the Pauatahanui Inlet and is displacing the natives which were the only plants there. It has spread from gardens on the edge of the inlet and along its waterways. Some garden owners remove the flower heads before they can seed but most leave them and agapanthus is a robust seeder.
EdmundSS over 1 year ago
Old Man's Beard.Karo.Darwin's Barberry.Wilding pines (if present).Wilding pohutukawa (because of the hybridising with Northern Rata).
Sandy Werner over 1 year ago
Please include the south African praying mantis, since their presence will lead to the loss of our native praying mantis.
jacko almost 2 years ago
Isn't the forest ringlet butterfly an endemic?http://nzbutterfly.info/resident/forest-ringlet/
Sandy Werner about 2 years ago
Although cats are included in the list above, I wonder if it is fair to say "roaming cats". Also, wondering if the South African praying mantis should be included? And are mice normally in this list?
colonel over 2 years ago
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