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Have you told us what you think about the latest RiverLink designs yet?

about 1 year ago
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Over 240 people braved the elements to attend our Community Open Days. Some even managed to stop by when there was good weather!

Here’s some interesting feedback we’ve received from you so far:

· You want paths along the stop banks to be wide enough for multiple users

· A pedestrian / cycling bridge opposite Margaret Street [would be] good, linking to the railway station

· It's worth moving the bridge [to Queens Drive] and making a better link to the CBD

· Where could natural or manmade wind breaks go?

· Comments about parking needs in order to cope with volumes and accessibility

What do you think? We want to know. Go to and click on Your Feedbackto tell us your thoughts.

Please share this message with your friends and family, we really want to know what you think.

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mike.brearton 7 months ago
Do not put the train station at Queens Drive... keep it north. Commuter parking at Melling is already used by CBD workers too cheap to pay in Riverbank. A new carpark across from Queens Dr would encourage even more park-and-walk at the expense of park-and-ride. Combine this with more cars arriving from Western Hills (people that used to walk).. the extra car parks probably won't even break even.
mike.brearton 7 months ago
Move the train station 200m south, not 500m. There's no bus service for large parts of the Western Hills, so making it an even longer walk will push people into their cars. It's a miserable walk as it is during winter, getting blasted by the roadwash from trucks you can almost touch from the sidewalk. Let's not discourage walkers even more.
mike.brearton 7 months ago
Leave the bridge at Melling. Cars need to be funnelled into parking zones, not into the most traffic congested, pedestrian active intersection of the CBD. I can't shop while sitting in my car stuck in traffic... I need to park, get out and walk. Perhaps the new Melling interchange could have direct access to Riverbank Carpark incorporated?